Things you can buy now!

Most of our work is for commissions, but we always have a small amount of stock to take to shows and markets and below are the details of our current stock.  If you're interested in purchasing something lovely, give us a call or send a message.

Website last updated on 9 July 2024

Bog Yew cabinet

Bog Yew Cabinet

This little wall cabinet really is quite unique.  The doors are made from Bog Yew - that is, Yew which was buried in the peat of the Fens for thousands of years.  Bog Oak (which we used for the 'butterfly') is a better-known bog timber, but Bog Yew is really quite rare - you won't get another one quite like this!  The rest of the cabinet is Ash, stained black to set off the beautiful, mellow colour of the doors.

The shelf is adjustable.

Approx:  22" high   x  16" wide  x  8" deep   


Elm welsh stick chair

Chair #322 ***NEW***

The Elm for the seat and comb of the Welsh Stick Chair came from Northamptonshire and the Ash for the legs grew very close to our workshop.   The 'butterfly' at the back of the seat is made from 6,000 year old Bog Oak.

Seat height approx 18"   


  • Chair #308 seat
  • Chair #308

    Chair #308

    A Windsor chair with a crinoline stretcher and our own design curved back supports (the idea came to us over a glass of wine which influenced the shape!).  The seat and comb are beautifully figured Elm from Northamptonshire and the rest is  Ash which grew just a few miles from our workshop.  The little crinoline wedges and the square pegs in round holes are all made from 6,000 year old Bog Oak from the Cambridgeshire Fens.

    Seat  Height  approx 18"


    Elm stool

    Stool #323

    The stunning Burr Elm for the top of this stool came from Deene Park in Northamptonshire and the Ash for the legs grew very close to our workshop.   The 'butterfly' in the top is made from 6,000 year old Bog Oak.

    Aprox:  13" x 14" x 18" high  

    £125   ***SOLD***

    Sycamore coffee table

    Coffee Table

    A very useful-sized little table.  The top is made from Rippled Sycamore and the legs are Cherry.  The 'butterfly' in the top is made from 6,000 year old Bog Oak.

    Aprox:   33" x 15" x 18" high


    • Cabinet - Yew
    • Cabinet - Yew (2)
    • Cabinet - Yew (3)

      Yew Cabinet

      A very striking little wall cabinet made from Yew and Rippled Sycamore.  It has hand-cut dovetails, wooden hinges and a 'butterfly' made from ancient Bog Oak on one of the doors.  There is an adjustable shelf inside.

      Approx:  19" high   x   16" wide   x   7" deep


      • Cherry cupboard
      • Cherry cupboard (3)
      • Cherry cupboard (2)

        Corner Cupboard

        A beautiful corner cupboard made from Cherry.  The natural edge of the wood, knots and holes make a really striking door.  The shelf inside is adjustable and it is the perfect size for a couple of bottles and a pair of glasses - that's two tumblers, not a pair of spectacles!

        Approx:  21" high   x   13" wide   x   9" deep


        • Chair #305 (3)
        • Chair #305 (2)
        • Chair #305

          Chair #305

          Based on a Welsh stick chair, but with a more contoured seat than is traditional which makes it really comfortable.  The seat and comb are made from absolutely beautiful Rippled Sycamore grown at Powys Castle - very fitting for a Welsh stick chair don't you think?  The rest is Rippled Sycamore grown just four miles from our workshop and it has wedges and square pegs in round holes made from ancient Bog Oak.  Pesky little woodworm liked the timber for the seat as much as we do, but we've seen them off with several 'treatments' and the holes have been filled, so it's still beautiful!


          Elm Stool #297

          This sweet little stool has a beautiful Elm top, Ash legs and Bog Oak wedges in the tops of the legs.

          Approx:    12" high x  8"deep x 9" wide


          side chair dining chair

          Dining Chairs

          Beautiful dining chairs (or side chairs).  These are Elm and Ash and are beautifully proportioned and very comfy.  We don't keep these in stock - these two were made as part of a commission for a set of six - but we can make them to order,.

          £500 each  ***SOLD***

          • IMG20240119110552
          • IMG20240119110626

            Chair #304

            A Welsh stick chair made from Elm and Ash - guess we could call it the 'Endangered Species Chair' with the devastating diseases affecting those two trees!

            £700  ***SOLD***

            • Pegboard x 12 (2)
            • Pegboard x 12

              Large Pegboard

              A large pegboard in Oak with 12 pegs of different sizes and shapes made from a variety of timbers.  This particular board is sold, but we make these in all sorts of sizes and timbers - each one unique.

              £85  **SOLD**

              • IMG20230803110029
              • IMG20230803110033
              • IMG20230803110040

                Elm Cabinet

                A very beautiful and very useful cabinet to hang on your wall.  The doors are made from truly amazing burr Elm.  It has wooden hinges and an adjustable Ash shelf.

                Approx:    23" high x  8"deep x 13" wide

                £375 ** SOLD**

                Corner Cupboard in Oak
                ** SOLD **

                Corner Cupboard

                With a beautifully figured Burr Oak door.  The 'butterflies and little wedges in the wooden hinges are made from ancient Bog Oak.  There is an adjustable shelf. 

                Approx:   22" high x 13"wide x 9" deep

                £300   **SOLD**

                • Jewellery box - syc
                • Jewellery boxes - Sept 23

                  Jewellery Boxes

                  Small jewellery boxes with beautifully characterful lids and wooden hinges.  Inside is an elegantly curved divider made from steam-bent Ash.

                  Approx:    9" x 6" and 4" high

                  Various available ranging in price from £90 - £110   

                  welsh stick chair
                  ** SOLD **

                  Chair #291

                  A Welsh stick chair with a more traditional shaped seat - more splayed with a straight front edge.  We have contoured the seat more than is traditional for hours of comfortable sitting!  The seat and comb are made from beautifully figured Elm and the rest is local Ash.  The 'butterfly' in the seat, the wedges in the top of the legs and the square pegs in round holes are all made from ancient Bog Oak.

                  £700   SOLD 

                  Child's chair

                  Child's Chair #219

                  A perfectly formed mini Welsh stick chair.  It has a beautifully figured Oak seat with local Ash legs, arm and sticks.  The pegs and wedges are made from ancient Bog Oak.

                  Approx:   32" overall height   12" seat height


                  wooden door latch wooden latch

                  Wooden Door Latch

                  We currently have these in Oak or Elm complete with black screws.


                  wooden door bolt wooden bolt

                  Wooden Door Bolt

                  We currently have these in Oak complete with black screws.


                  pedestal table

                  Pedestal Table

                  This little table has a beautifully figured Elm top with a Bog Oak 'butterfly'.  The legs are Olive Ash.

                  Approx:  23" high  12"diam

                  **£250**  STOLEN -Yep, that's right, someone walked off with this at a recent show!